Andrew Noseworthy 

Andrew is from St. John’s, NL. Before coming to CMCC he completed bachelor’s degrees in Physical Education and Education from Memorial University of Newfoundland. Andrew has always had a love for exercising, being healthy and the outdoors. This interest has grown while hiking along the East Coast Trails and spending free-time exercising outdoors. Andrew has worked with many different recreational programs, and non-for-profits in his community that have allowed him to share this passion. Andrew is very excited to speak with youth across Canada about healthy living.

Aly Rawson  

Aly is from Newmarket, ON. She completed her undergraduate degree in Health Sciences at Oakland University, in Rochester, MI. She grew up playing many sports and eventually went on to compete in soccer at the university level. Aly has a passion for new experiences which led her to Tanzania, Africa to teach English at a women’s school. She enjoys spending her time outdoors exploring nature and being active. Aly cannot wait to share her experiences with Canadian youth in the summer of 2021!

Colby Ng 

Colby is from Mississauga, ON. He completed his undergraduate degree in Kinesiology at the University of Toronto. Colby has always been one to pursue outdoor adventures. From kayaking with seals in Alaska, to scrambling in the Rockies, this opportunity to engage the youth from coast to coast provides an adventure that goes beyond exploring Canada.

Erin Caplice 

Erin is from Toronto, ON. She completed her undergraduate degree in Kinesiology at St. Francis Xavier University, in Antigonish, NS. Erin has always been passionate about physical activity, participating in competitive sports such as basketball and rowing. She is also very passionate about the outdoors, spending many summers in northern Ontario as both a camper and a counsellor, embarking on canoe trips up to 50 days in length. Erin loves to challenge herself and try new things, and she looks forward to sharing her experiences with youth across Canada in 2021!

Past Teams

2019 Members

Sefrah Daviduck, Justin Reay, Lauyrn Friesen and Garrett Duff

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Jordan Mcool-Morin, Jarred Barrieau, Jourdyne Mason and Kalynn Crane

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Curtis Turner,  Julie Yaworski ,  Maggie McKeough, and Andrew McManus

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Matt Missiha, Brenna MacPhail, Kirsten Wishloff, and Joe Sinopoli.

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Brittany Filipetti, Steve Malone, Kari Primak, and Alex Yu

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Becky Carpenter, David Clinning, Dan Kay, and Kate Rood

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Ashley Collinge, Jason Porr, Brynne Stainsby, and Julie Hunter

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Lorenza Aldea, Ali Amiri, Kristian Dorken, Katrin Grenacher, and Jody Freedman