Any donation amount is much appreciated and will go along way  in  the team’s  mission to empower Canadian  youth.

Sponsorship Opportunities are also available:

  • Platinum Sponsor (Donation Level: $5000+)
    • Donation Benefits:
      • Extra-Large logo on support vehicle, mentions in media/ promotions, cycling jersey, website, and pamphlets
  • Gold Sponsor (Donation Level: $3500)
    • Donation Benefits:
      • Medium logo on support vehicle, cycling jersey, website, and pamphlets
  • Sliver Sponsor (Donation Level: $ 2000)
    • Donation Benefits:
      • Cycling jersey, website, and pamphlets
  • Bronze Support Sponsor (Donation Level: $1000)
    • Donation Benefits:
      • website, and pamphlets
  • Supporter (Donation Level: Over $100)
    • Donation Benefits:
      • Personal name listed on UYP website

Download a Sponsorship Form

Thank you in advance for you kindness and generosity.

Questions about donations or sponsorship?

Feel free to contact us!